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Every policy is designed to offer you affordable coverage and flexible payment options, and you can file claims anytime with 24/7 customer service.

Professional Liability Policies

Professional liability policies are the core business of the company. Since August 13th 2013 and according to Italian law number 148/2011 , it is mandatory for all professions to have PI insurance coverage. PI insurance is a multi-risk policy for professionals. The guarantee offered by these type of policies include coverage for damage accidentally caused to third parties derived from the performance of their professional activity.

Inheritance Policies

The Italian legal system provides rules aimed at regulating the sale of goods derived from inheritance. The qualified heirs have the right to assert their inheritance rights. In order to protect the contracting parties, this policy is required by the banks to start the financing procedures for the purchase and / or restructuring of the asset.

Fire & Explosion Policies

The fire & blast policy is an insurance coverage required by the bank. This policy needs be purchased the same time a mortgage is activated. According to the provisions of the article 36 bis del Decreto Salva Italia "The commercial practice of a bank, a credit institution or a financial intermediary is considered to be incorrect, only for the purpose of stipulating a loan agreement obliges the client to purchase an insurance policy issued by the same bank, institution or intermediary.

Personal Accident policy

The personal accident policy guarantees the payment of the agreed indemnity during the contract stipulation phase in unfortunate events that affect the physical integrity of the insured person. Injury policies are specifically aimed at protecting against events such as death, temporary or permanent disability, total or partial disability.

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